Custom Tour | Additional Hotspots

$27.00 / month

Maybe your a business that needs additional hotspots. Not a problem, simply choose how many you need and we will service them as needed.  These additional hotspots will simply fall into your inherent 2 that can be edited on your quarterly or monthly plan.

For example: Let’s say your a fitness club and want to have a few promotional ads, 5 videos with your trainers that show users how to use specific exercise equipment, a menu for better navigation and a front store hours with get direction hotspot. This would result in 8 hotspots  (1 promotion add, 5 videos, 1 menu, 1 store hour – direction).  Out of these 8 hotspots any of them could be edited based on your monthly plan. If the quarterly add is selected then 2 hotspots can be edited every quarter. If no edits are made then we can add two more hotspots (such as more video for different machines). The additional videos can be targets in social media campaigns. In this case personal trainers can get face time in video format with potentially new clients along with the fitness club providing more useful tools to their users.

* The concept of getting users to the right video can be difficult. With this fitness example, relying on your users to know the name of an exercise piece of equipment is needed along with a library of videos (maybe Youtube channel) and your member being aware of such.  This is why adding video to a virtual tour is great,  we can put an icon on the exercise machine and eliminate the issue of navigation and association.

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