3D Real Estate Tour – Swap Tour Program

$39.95 / month and a $100.00 sign-up fee

We understand that inventory changes often in the real estate market and want to offer a pricing program that scales with your needs. Instead of paying several hundred dollars per virtual tour, we took the approach of reducing upfront cost.  What if there was a monthly plan that allows for any agent to come on board according to their current monthly inventory? For example maybe your an agent that averages 3-5 sales per month. Once a listing is sold simply contact us and we will swap out with a new virtual tour. The only expense is  having a photographer visit the new location. This allows for upgrading or downgrading as needed. This method will also reduce such a large investment into marketing a listing with the potential of not closing the deal.



Our 3D listing package is very simple and affordable. Each listing requires a monthly membership and a one-time photography fee of $100.00. Any listing can be replaced, simply pay for another photographer visit and your new listing will be up and running in 24 hours.  For example John Smith with Smith Realty signed up for a 3D tour. He would be invoiced the photography fee and first month’s subscription.  Six weeks past by and the listing sells. John can replace his listing membership with a new location with our 3D Photography Update product.